Appraisal Blues?

Salary Reviews

For lots of people this time of year is often salary and appraisal/personal development review time, a time when it’s possible to receive lots of what Eric Berne, founder of Transactional Analysis, called Strokes.
Stroke is the word that Berne used for the very early needs we have as babies and children for touching, cuddling and physical contact with people. As adults we still have these needs for contact and we learn to substitute other forms of “recognition” in its place. So a stroke can also be called a “unit of recognition.” There are different kinds of strokes. They can be verbal – “I like your jumper” or non verbal – A hug. They can be positive or negative, and conditional or dependent on the receiver doing something – “That’s a great report well done!” They can also be unconditional “Thank you for being you.”


Unfortunately in today’s more difficult employment climate there may not be so many “strokes” available as organisations are cutting back, in some cases making redundancies, there is less security and many of us are being asked to do more.
For lots of us work can be a hugely important source of recognition and strokes and when these are not so readily available we might feel de motivated, stressed and our mood may suffer. So here are five suggestions to help you keep up your stroke quota by freely giving and receiving strokes:
1. Give and receive a big hug from a family member or close friend at least once a day.
2. Notice every stroke that comes your way – even the smile from the person you pass in the street. You may want to keep a note of them in your diary or a notebook.
3. Fully account for the strokes you are receiving. Sometimes we shrug them off or dismiss them. Take a moment to allow yourself to fully experience the recognition you have been given.
4. Say something appreciative to a work colleague every day.
5. Take a break at least once a day and do something for yourself. It may be something like a cup of coffee and a 10 minute read of your favourite magazine, or a walk in the fresh air.
I think that it’s when life is more difficult that we can forget to do the simple and obvious things that can help us keep our equilibrium and maintain a positive state of mind.

Published by Lin Cheung

I am an artist, coach and teacher. I love working with people to help them be more creative.

4 thoughts on “Appraisal Blues?

  1. Hi Lin!

    Congratulations on the Blog! I like the design and the content! This is my first stroke today!


  2. Hi Lin,
    Congratulations on writing your first blog – I really like what you’ve written re strokes etc. I like your 5 suggestions and the photo too. I look forward to reading your next installment. Warm wishes Cathy

  3. Dear Lin – I like the blog very much, and (as usual!) you are intuitive, thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you for capturing the essence of a knotty problem and giving some very practical how-to’s: good for people I know, and particularly for me!!!

    I’m looking forward to the next article very much.

    Fond regards – Bev x

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