Big Skies and Bluebells


April Bluebells

The bluebells are in bloom at Lincare woods.  Every year since I first discovered them – and I only moved to Chesterfield a few years ago – when mid April arrives and there are signs that bluebells are on the way I’m a regular visitor looking out for the first hints of blue.

The way they carpet the earth beneath the beech trees with a hovering blue that’s mixed with the white stars of the wild garlic, and then as the sun is shines though the early beech leaves, which at this time of year are an intense lime green,  I feel truly peaceful and at home.

Special Places

And then I had a wonderful weekend in Northumbria. The weather wasn’t great and I find it really doesn’t matter up there, the amazing beaches that stretch for miles, the big skies and space to breath are enough.

Room for three

Saturday morning saw me walking from Seahouses to Bamburgh along the beach with my dogs.  It was was pretty much deserted so more than enough room for the three of us.  There is something about space that I find very appealing, its something I like exploring in my painting as well, I think it may be openess lets me connect with myself more readily.  And maybe this is one of those times when “why” really doesn’t matter, I just know that I always come back refreshed and rejuvenated and looking forward to my next visit.

Do you have somewhere that you like to visit?  Or a place that is special to you?

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