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My next post was going to be another piece on ego states, however, as I spent all day yesterday clearing and tidying my office and found it such a positive and energising experience, I decided to write about that first.

It’s the time of year when I do my tax return.  I’ve been procrastinating for a few weeks, partly because its not a job I relish and also because of the untidyness in my office.

Energy Shift

Over recent months I have been putting more and more time and energy into my painting, which in many ways has been great. It has meant less time for office admin, resulting in boxes of paper needing filing, training materials not put away, art materials stacking up in corners, receipts left unsorted.  Not a task for the faint-hearted!

So, yesterday I went through most of it resulting in a huge pile of recycling, three boxes for the loft and being able to see the shelves and corners in my office for the first time for weeks.  Interestingly  I also noticed a huge shift in my energy, I felt lighter, clearer headed and freed up to focus and think.  Particularly interesting I think, as I have been feeling a bit bogged down recently.  I want to integrate my painting into my life more as I have decided I want to see if I can sell my work commercially, but I’ve been finding it difficult to work out how to do this.

Cypress Tree Holyvale

Health and Well Being

I think the state of my office was a reflection of my inner struggle, I was bogged down by all lots of unneccesary stuff without the space to think clearly and focus, it reminds me of what I wrote about in Nesting Instinct, how important our environment can be to our health and well being.  Its seems to me to be a two-way process. That over time my office had come to reflect my inner state, one of putting things in mental and physical corners “to be dealt with later” at the same time as I had got stuck in my thinking.  But, by clearing my physical surroundings helped me to shift my psychological and emotional energy and freed me up to look at my situation in a fresh light.

So, again, I invite you to look around you.  Is there something in your environment that jars with you?  Do you need to de-clutter?

I really like to hear from you on what you decide to do and the impact it has.

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One thought on “De Cluttering

  1. I fully agree Lin! As a PA, virtual or otherwise, I have a sense of satisfaction in keeping my boss or clients organised. Quite often it’s my role to ensure they know exactly when & where they’re supposed to be with travel arranged & all necessary paperwork to hand. As for my own admin, I’m much more productive & can focus better if everything is tidy & organised, whilst I’m not a minimalist, my clutter is kept ordered & out of sight in cabinets, drawers or boxes. I also recognise that my exhaustion, especially if I’ve been out of the office for a while, can be attributed as much to piles of paperwork & tasks not completed as being tired through a heavy workload. My hobby is sewing & dressmaking & I’ve been eager to find more time to get creative, but perhaps it’s a seasonal thing as it always seems a shame to sit indoors on a lovely day when I could be out enjoying the fresh air with my dog. Now winter’s here, it’s time to get crafty during the dark evenings. Good luck with the painting, I think your pictures have a really great feel to them, reminding me of warmer times & holidays!

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