Psychotherapy and Counselling

Therapy in Wilmslow

Talking therapy can give structured help in dealing with troubling experiences in the present and from the past.  You might feel anxious,  depressed or angry.  Worried about your relationship.  Troubled by unwanted thoughts or feelings.  Wanting things to be different and not sure what to do that will make a difference.

Most of us will at some point have been able to talk to someone about their problems and found it helped.  Therapy and counselling can help you understand yourself and your relationships better and help you to find ways to take responsibility for your life that are more effective, peaceful and satisfying.

If you think you could work with me, then the next step is to arrange an initial 20 minute telephone consultation.  I can answer any questions  you may have and I can find out more about you and see if I think I can help. Contact me on either on my mobile (M) 07985 936393 or email me via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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