Professional Development Days

Come and join the Professional Development Days in Buxton offering a dynamic and stimulating experience of learning and thinking  together as a group. Lin will be facilitating the group through a range of CPD and supervision activities.

Structure of the Day

Lin will begin the day’s session by choosing a topic for discussion or training.  This will provide an initial focus for the group.  Attendees are then invited to offer their own topics.  These topics will form the agenda for the remaining time.  Topics for discussion might be supervision of supervision, supervision of clinical work, ethical dilemmas, application of the taught theory to clients, support with exam work, tape and transcripts of work.

Who is it For? 

This CPD day is for practitioners who are most likely post-diploma level and beyond in experience (by negotiation). The group will work across all modalities for counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors.  The focus of the day will be Humanistic and Transactional Analysis.

Costs and Booking

The cost is £70 per session. You are welcome to attend one, some or all dates.
To book your place contact Lin using the contact form below.


Friday 18th May

Friday 29th June

Friday 14th September

Friday 26th October

Friday 7th December

Typical Session : Start at 12.00pm and finish at 4.30pm with a break in the middle
  • Article discussion
  • Theory around a specific subject – e.g. shame, supervision, anger,
  • Application of theory to current client work
  • Clincial supervision pieces, tapes and transcripts
  • Exam and essay help


Come and join a warm and adventurous group that will offer you plenty of mental stimulation and dynamic involvement – adding energy and interest to your practice – and a vehicle for extra supervision.
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