Relational Supervision Groups


These two-day groups are run twice a year by Lin and Helen. Sign up to the mailing list to ensure you hear about the dates for 2020.

The group is run on the principles of relational supervision. Participants have the opportunity to think at depth about their work with clients and how to apply relational theory into their practice by using the self and embodied response as a source of clinical information.

Bringing a piece of work is optional and all participants will have the opportunity to work with the supervisor for up to an hour. Group learning takes place through witnesses and participating in someone else’s supervision so no one will be under pressure to present a client.

The group will be facilitated by Lin Cheung and Helen Rowland. It will be a boundaried and structured group. Participants will have a specific contract for listening and responding to ensure the session remains useful for the supervisee.

What is relational supervision?

The relational approach in supervision takes as its starting point the unconscious material that is evoked in the group as the supervision between supervisor and therapist unfolds. Using the group as a conduit to the unconscious of the client, the associations, imaginings, emotional stirrings and bodily responses of the group members become central to the supervision between supervisor and therapist.

Helen Rowland and Lin Cheung will facilitate the supervisee to explore, play, imagine possibilities, and unfold meanings and theoretical understandings in the work that will inform and shape their clinical practice.

This workshop is for:

Practitioners with an interest in exploring the unconscious relational process in their clinical work.

Lin’s experience:

Finding ways to explore unconscious material is of huge interest to me. I find this way of working stimulating and enlightening. The richness of the group adds greatly to the supervision experience. Working with Helen, we can bring two minds to the exploration of the work of our clients along with the imaginings of the group. Adding depth to our clinical practice. It is a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Helen’s experience:

My own experience of working in this way – in the supervision group with Bill Cornell – has profoundly enriched both my relational practice and my capacity to think clinically. A two-day supervision group becomes both a crucible and a holding space in which we can explore our imaginings about our clients in order to enrich the relational depth of work. I have found my own experience of supervision intensive to be so instrumental to my practice that I really to share my enthusiasm for this way of working.

Dates and Location

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 2020. 10am until 5pm.

Rendezvous Hotel, Keighley Road,
Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2TA


Joining Instructions will be sent out upon booking. Cost of the two-day event is £195. This two-day supervision accounts for 12 hours of CPD. Click on the link below to book.

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