Introduction to Transactional Analysis: TA101

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‘TA 101’ the official introduction to transactional analysis

A personal development course to help you build better relationships and understand yourself and others……

The beginning of counselling and psychotherapy training……

Who will find this course useful?

People thinking about counselling and psychotherapy training

Anyone wanting to understand themselves and others better

Teachers and parents interested in child development

People from organisations interested in communication and team dynamics

Mental health workers seeking new ways of understanding clients

Counsellor and therapists interested in TA

Ego State Model

The TA101 course is run over two days from 10am until 5pm on both days.

Fees are £140 a £40 deposit will reserve your place.

The TA101 Course

Would you like to understand yourself, others and your relationships better, whether in a personal or work setting? Are you interested in finding out what counselling and psychotherapy training might be like?  Transactional Analysis offers you a way of doing this through the TA101. The TA101 is a 12 hour course that covers the key ideas and concepts in Transactional Analysis about human development, personality, communication, relationships and personal change. The TA101 is the official introduction to Transactional Analysis and a great first step for anyone thinking about a career in counselling and therapy as it gives an experience of what it can be like to study a psychological model.

The TA101 programme offers lots of time for reflection and discussion as it is delivered through a mixture of presentation, large and small group work, discussion and experiential exercises. Detailed handouts and reading lists will be provided.

Participants who complete the workshop will gain the TA 101 Certificate awarded by the European Association of Transactional Analysis.

To hear me chatting about the TA101 use the links below.

TA101 Interview Part 1

Ta101 Interview Part 2

Fees, Booking and Terms.

The full price for the course is £140. 

For booking details and on line payment please go to the website of the Horsforth Centre.


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