De Cluttering

My next post was going to be another piece on ego states, however, as I spent all day yesterday clearing and tidying my office and found it such a positive and energising experience, I decided to write about that first. It’s the time of year when I do my tax return.  I’ve been procrastinating forContinue reading “De Cluttering”

Big Skies and Bluebells

April Bluebells The bluebells are in bloom at Lincare woods.  Every year since I first discovered them – and I only moved to Chesterfield a few years ago – when mid April arrives and there are signs that bluebells are on the way I’m a regular visitor looking out for the first hints of blue.Continue reading “Big Skies and Bluebells”

Nesting Instinct

Psychological Well-Being I love watching the birds at this time of year.  Blackbirds, blue tits and robins grappling with twigs and long strands of grass as they fly off to build their nests, making a safe place to raise their young.  I think that our “nests” are also really  important, not just for those of us withContinue reading “Nesting Instinct”