The Importance of Hope

What a lovely Bank Holiday weekend we had in Chesterfield. The weather was great, sunny and warm with lovely blue skies.  I was fortunate in being able to escape out into the countryside and go for a lovely long walk with my dogs along the Monsal Trail. It was while I was out walking thatContinue reading “The Importance of Hope”

Death of a Pet

Friendship Sadly, my lovely dog Dave died a few weeks ago after being ill for about a year. He was with us for nearly eleven years, which didn’t seem anywhere near long enough. He was a constant friend, a playmate and loving companion and we miss him very much. Attachment to animals As the firstContinue reading “Death of a Pet”

Big Skies and Bluebells

April Bluebells The bluebells are in bloom at Lincare woods.  Every year since I first discovered them – and I only moved to Chesterfield a few years ago – when mid April arrives and there are signs that bluebells are on the way I’m a regular visitor looking out for the first hints of blue.Continue reading “Big Skies and Bluebells”