p1230115.jpgYou may be the kind of person who thinks and feels best whilst moving or being outside. You will probably find that therapy outdoors is something that might appeal more than sitting in a room.  When you work outside it is about using the experience of movement and our connection to nature as part of the therapeutic process. I will invite you to use your experience of being outside as part of the work we do together.

When I’m working outside with people we walk at a pace that is comfortable.  You do not need to be particularly fit and we may walk and talk or choose to sit or do more focussed exercises. We may vary our route and can be flexible according to weather and light levels.

All the usual boundaries of therapy and counselling apply. We will also discuss confidentiality as we may occasionally pass people during our walks.

If you are interested in working with me outside then I will invite you to meet me at my therapy rooms so that we can work out the details, such as deciding on location and duration of the sessions. Travel to locations in the Peak District is an option and can be discussed. I make an additional charge for travel.

My charges are as follows –

  • £65 per hour for outdoor work.
  • Travel time charged at £5 per half hour.

Many clients find the experience of being outdoors very helpful.